Saturday, September 26, 2015

Be a company that people want to work for

Does your company’s culture look more like a “culture of commitment” or more likely a toxic or abusive culture that is indifferent to employee burnout and turnover? Use this following checklist to help you answer this question:-

  • A Culture of Commitment
  • Views employees as partners.
  • Recognizes the human needs of all employees.
  • Invests in people as primary source of competitive advantage.
  • Commits to long-term strategy and carry the people needed to carry it out.
  • Reward system and management styles support the mission and strategy.
  • Focuses on “managing the performance contract”, not in controlling the people.
  • Puts a premium on employee involvement in new ideas and innovation.
  • Focuses on results, not on who gets credit.
  • Trust employees enough to delegate.
  • Tolerate “intelligent error: and experimentation.

Which results in:-

High-performing, confident, innovative, committed work-force.
Achievement of company mission and lasting competitive advantage.

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