Tuesday, September 8, 2015

For Managers: 12 easy ways you can give and get back every day

You are a manager having hard-time in managing your employees performance? Do you find that your employees are not satisfied with your management style? Need solution! Here are twelve simple tips that you can use to get better performance from their employees:
  • Smile, make eye contact, and say “good-morning” to every person you supervise. Continue to acknowledge each person throughout the day.
  • Stop every now and then to ask them sincerely, “How are you doing?”
  • When they speak, really listen, and don’t interrupt.
  • Ask, don’t tell; say please and thank you (just like your mother taught you)
  • Be generous with praise at every opportunity.
  • Correct people only in private not in front of the co-workers.
  • Respect, even celebrate, those on your team who are different; they bring a diversity of perspective, background, and strength that all teams need.
  • When you say you will do something, do it. Honor your commitments to your staff.
  • Give honest and constructive feedback and tell the truth about what’s happening in the organization.
  • Trust people to do the job well without your constant monitoring.
  • When one of your staff members faces a personal crisis, serious illness, or emergency so everything in your power to help the person through it.
  • Act as if you are there to serve your employees not the other way around.

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